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Rainy Day in Tokyo Mix by: Amplitude [Playlist Vol.#1]
Meditation NEO-Soul Mix by: JRock Beatz [Playlist Vol.#2]
Electro Neo Soul Instrumental Mix by: M.Fasol [Playlist Vol.#3]
Pleasantries 2.0 LoFi Hip-Hop Mix by: Aquarian [Playlist Vol.#4]
ChillWave Electronic Mix by: SoulSearchAndDestroy [Playlist Vol.#5]
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2D to 3D Animations Examples @DigitalDietsOnline [HD]
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(1:02) – Introduction, (2:09) – The Parts, (7:15) – Setting up/Things you’ll Need, (9:26) – CPU Installation, (11:53) – CPU Cooler Installation, (15:11) – Memory Installation, (18:17) – Prepping the Case, (19:53) – Motherboard Installation, (25:34) – Power Supply Installation, (30:33) – Front Panel Connectors, (34:47) – Fans, (37:12) – Hard Drives and SSD’s, (45:28) – Power Cables, (47:38) – Video Card Installation, (51:42) – Cable Management, (54:27) – OutroBuild Complete!
Create a virtual desktop – (0:46), Switch between virtual desktops – (1:24,) Return to the desktop from apps – (2:15), Open an app from the taskbar – (3:04), Split-screen between two apps – (3:50), Switch apps – (4:24), Program management and troubleshooting – (5:27), Open File Explorer – (6:17), Use the Magnifier – (6:48), Take screenshots – (7:41), Use Action Center – (8:24), Access the Settings – (9:02), Talk to Cortana or Siri (- 9:22), Use the Windows Game Bar – (10:02), Lock down your PC – (11:20)
Dos and Don’ts When Using Social Networks
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