Don King @DigitalDietsOnline [IG]

Our Approach:

“The purpose of this website is to provide relatable experiences and give valuable content/resources regarding that particular subject matter covered. “

Our Story:

– My name is Donald King, 💻TeCH. Ed TeaCHeR |🏀7th/8th ATHLeTiCS CoaCH | YeaRBooK ADViSoR📚| FReeLaNCe FiLM MaKeR🎥 | RoBoTiCS CoaCH [FTC]🎮| CoDiNG TuToR 👾

My Areas of Expertise:

Here are some key areas that I would like to focus on during our journey together. My plan Is to provide various content for multiple area that he or she might need a second opinion on or guidance.

The Videographer:

10+ Years being a Videographer

I’ve done Music Video’s | Camps | Events | Dance | Green Screen Video | School Programs/
Workshop’s/ Videography | Weddings | Theater/Stage Plays | 2D to 3D Picture Animations/Documentaries

The Educator:

5+ Years being in Education

This Page is for Future “Career and Technology Students” to better understand about the different careers each cluster has to offer as well as virtual lessons that one can take in and apply to his or hers life in this ever expanding field.

The Fitness Instructor:

2+ Years being a Coach/Fitness Instructor

I’ve Coached Football, Basketball, Cross Country, and Boxing over this 2 year span.

My Story: “Man out of Time” Will be my mini Doc. the rest of my bio: 2020/2021

What questions do you have regarding what’s presented here??? Is there any other request you might have??? Let’s chat it up?!