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“Indoor/Outdoor” Music Videos | “Indoor/Outdoor” Camp Recreations | “Indoor/Outdoor” Events | Dance Choreography/Individual | Green Screen EFX | School Programs/
Workshopโ€™s | “Indoor/Outdoor” Advertisement | “Indoor/Outdoor” Weddings | Theater/Stage Plays | 2D to 3D Picture Animations | “Indoor/Outdoor” Documentaries

Post Production/Special EFX Editing:

Anything for Voice Overs, to sound effect full scale production, to editing footage/photos for whatever need.

Tutoring/Program Studies:

I’m Adobe Certified in the CC Series: Classes I offer are in: The entire Adobe Creative cloud site, Sketch Up, Layout, Style builder, AutoCad, Game Maker Pro

Pricing Details: Production Request Forms Located Here:

Pricing varies on a few key factors. Time, Location, Scale, Turn Around Times, Production, Vision, extra’s that are needed:

My Typical WorkFlow Line:

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